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Our RPO Services

Virtual Recruiters is a leading recruitment agency in India. With a distinctive blend of outsourcing and consulting services over the world, we collaborate with customers over multiple sectors to draw in, engage and retain world-class talent. We take pride in lending our hand in creating the kind of professional environment that would satisfy the mission and vision that enterprises are built upon. When you are in search for the leading recruitment organization, Virtual Recruiter is the name that must figure in the rundown.

Dedicated US Recruiters

Recruiter On Demand is the service where on site or off site recruiter will successfully staff your project with your efficient resources and they do perform other duties that are necessary by you.

Contract Staffing Services

If you are still focusing on placing permanent hires bsolutely, you may be missing out great opportunity. Contract Staffing is soaring and you can grab the benefits by adding Contract Staffing in your portfolio.

Contract to Hire Staffing

The Contract to Hire is the career transition from a contract employee to the permanent. This is an excellent foot for the job seeker in the present era of competition.

Project Based Hiring

Under Recruitment Process Outsourcing we deal with Project Based Hiring as other side of the coin. we first understand your current needs and intensely search for the right candidate and put it on board.

Permanent Staffing

We know the value of your Time, Energy and money so we give you direct access to fully screen, sterling, and bsolute -qualified candidates in various industries and at every level.

Executive Search Recruiters & Recruiting Firm

We are exceptionally proficient and fully equipped for high -end retained Executive Search. Our dedicated team is pro- actively engaged in finding the requirement and focus on single key position of the client’s company.

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Client Testimonials

HR Country Head

Company Hr

We were particular about our requirement but Virtual Recruiters put their hands to grab mile for us. They helped us in closing very important profile on contingent basis. We are pleased with their services which helped out to fulfil our client’s requirement.

Staffing Firm

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I contacted Virtual recruiters after many fails. I thought even they will be same as previous ones. But the recruiters we are dealing are eminently professional and diligent in their work. The quality of resume submitted to our client is proficient. We are planning to increase number of recruiter form Virtual Recruiter.

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