While hiring the best people you can’t always expect the real star or go-getters to simply fall on your lap. You have to dig a little and impress them. Perhaps, now after all your efforts, the right talent is in your kitty bag. But the opportunities for them have still not yet stopped!!Now the question which arises is how we can secure them in our basket. A penny for your thought, just by acknowledging their talent would work out for longevity? I guess no….!

This brings into my mind that India RPO follows a two-factor theory of Herzberg, viz motivation and environment hygiene factor. We need to create an environment where employees should get a feeling of being an asset. We should also emphasize on transparent and honest work policy.

The other factor is inclined towards the room for growth, advancement, and learning. And lastly they should be recognized and rewarded for good work. Is it all that can be done? Well, we are discussing here a non-diminishing hot potato!

To retain your top talent the 2 top things that need to be taken care of:

Conduit of Team-Talent: In most of the cases, the team lead dons the hat of success and the performers who contributed towards the success get shadowed. While in an attempt to identify the real winners, we should not cut the corner and avoid those individuals who have actually been the pillars of success. Ignoring them would eventually lead to toxic work environment. So one should conduit the contribution of the entire team and help performers know their place and value in the organization.

Nurturing Therapy: It is essential to intrigue how other organizations are leveraging their top talent and helping them grow. This exercise is needed because reducing attrition and increasing employee retention is a major task. The ROI on this is stable and greater productivity. We found out that few firms are nurturing their performers by providing them sagacity or automation of performance management, succession planning program and extra attention on the deserving employees.

So, let’s cut it short and sweet. We need to retain our talent and stay tuned with our employees. End of the day, it’s all about people getting the best talent, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment and helping them to get innovate.