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Having a team of reliable IT professionals on-board is paramount for the success of any technology company. However, finding the right people who are proficient at their job and skilled to undertake complex projects isn’t an easy feat. There are times when the in-house recruitment efforts don’t bear the desired result, which hampers the company’s growth and financial performance. This is where the team of Virtual Recruiters can help.

IT Employment Agencies

As one of India’s leading IT employment agencies, our recruiters have the experience of providing IT recruits for IT jobs in almost all verticals of IT organizations. The IT staff delivered by us are qualified and proficient at handling work assigned in their capacity.

Our on-demand recruiters can deliver IT staff for both short term and long term services. Besides this, we also offer full-cycle recruiting and talent acquisition support as required by the businesses we cater to. Whether you choose to hire a perfectly managed team of recruiters or one contract recruiter, we will work as an extension of your in-house HR team. You can avail of our flexible and scalable recruitment service for global or local operations.

Join Hands with a Leading IT Recruitment Company in India

Managing the IT workforce is no easy task. Right from putting out recruitment notice to curating applications, screening, conducting interviews and final onboarding, there’s a lot to cover. It takes a team of dedicated IT recruiters who can undertake the entire process seamlessly and narrow down bright and talented candidates. Many companies face challenges in acquiring the sought-after IT talents and managing them, and thus, they hire our recruitment specialists to streamline their recruitment process.

Virtual Recruiters is committed to helping IT companies find a dedicated IT workforce who can deliver to their expectations and promise a competitive edge over others. Our staffing solutions, recruitment strategies, and processes are tailor-made to suit the individual needs and requirements of a company.

We can fill positions for full-time positions or part-time jobs as well as get you the right IT personal for hourly or project-based tasks.

Why Choose Virtual Recruiters Over Other RPO Companies for IT?

  • We have a team of expert recruiters and headhunters who have experience in finding IT talents for all verticals as well as levels.
  • We can handle off-site recruitment with the same efficiency and dedication as an in-house HR team.
  • Virtual Recruiters a sought-after name in IT recruitment for both national as well as global clients and companies.
  • Our recruitment model is made to suit the individual needs of our clients. Thus, we only source leads from verified sources.
  • We use Boolean Search Strings
  • We are efficient at handling 2-3 requirements in a day
  • Each candidate goes through a screening process to ensure they are 100% match for the job
  • All the profiles are manually sourced from reliable resources and platforms
  • We can carry global recruitment according to the client’s time zone
  • Our team dedicatedly works for the given client throughout the assigned time
  • Our recruiters are available for follow-ups or recruit assessment
  • We maintain a database of all suitable candidates to simplify the recruitment process.
  • We are attentive and work to help IT companies realize rapid success.
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