Are your existing recruitment processes failing to attract qualified candidates?

Well, it’s high time that you consider alternate recruitment strategies that accelerate your rate of hiring.

Traditional recruitment strategies have proven to be costly and time consuming. Employers have not just failed to employ the right talent, but they have also struggled to retain them for an extended period.

It has caused HR professionals to move toward new ways of hiring. They are now taking the assistance of social media platforms and Artificial Intelligence in hiring competent staff.

This blog will present you with some useful recruitment hacks that are bound to make some breakthroughs in the year 2020.

Recruiting Hack #1: Invest in Automated Recruitment Software

In large companies, HR departments are known to generate tons of paperwork and spreadsheets.

In such cases, the use of automated recruitment software can prove to be of immense help.

Here are some benefits of investing in automated recruitment software,

  • Automated softwares boost efficiency and productivity.
  • They automate the process of sending emails and responses.
  • They can help you build a talent pool for future openings.
  • They offer automated screening and skill validation of the candidate.

You will be amazed by the productivity gains that you can achieve by including such software in your recruitment strategy!

Recruiting Hack #2: Choose Job Titles that are Simple

Often ignored, a job title is one vital aspect that can impact your recruitment results.

Make sure that while creating a job title, you keep the candidate’s perspective in mind.

Ask yourself the following questions-

  • What is the job phrase that a candidate would generally search for?
  • What is the most common term for the job?

See that you avoid complicated names and use simple terminologies like office administrator, sales manager, etc. to prevent damage to your search rankings.

Recruiting hack #3: Create a Structure for Your Interviews

Directly heading into a blind interview can result in a wastage of time and resources.

An unplanned interview can turn out to be a headache for the interviewer.

Instead, going for a structured or semi-structured job interviews will give you better results.

Though the structure does not have to be in detail, the questionnaire must cover the basic outline of your discussion.

Recruiting Hack #4: Communicate Regularly

You must know that there is nothing worse for a candidate than receiving a blank response from the recruiter.

Even minimal replies are not taken well by the prospects.

It is essential that you make the candidates comfortable by replying to all their queries.

It reflects that you value their time and efforts!

Sending an acknowledgement of application received or an email to confirm the status of their application can do wonders for your brand reputation.

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