Every year brings with it numerous technological advancements and new trends.

The recruitment industry is an evolving one and is highly influenced by such changes.

The innovative technologies have empowered a new generation of recruiters to surface roles for the right candidates.

It seems that 2020 is going to be a memorable one for the recruitment industry where old ways of hiring are going to make way for the new ones.

Today, we bring out some of the top recruitment trends that are expected to make a mark in the year 2020.

1. Employer Branding

A compelling employer brand is most likely to attract the best talent in this highly competitive market

Employer branding is the perceived image of your organization that motivates quality candidates to apply for a role in your company. It is influenced by various elements such as work environment, social value, work-life balance, etc.

As per a study conducted by Glassdoor, it was found that 69% of Americans preferred staying jobless, over getting employed in a company with a bad reputation. Also, among those already employed, 84% were ready to switch to a company with a better standing in the industry.

Employees are no more satisfied with career growth opportunities. They are now looking to work in a company they can be proud of!

2. Human Resource Automation

Recruiters are widely using human resource automation tools in managing their day to day tasks.

These highly integrated technology solutions are helping recruiters to locate, attract, and convert quality candidates across the country. They have proven to make the recruitment process faster and efficient.

It is seen that HR managers usually lose 14 hours a week in completing the task manually instead of outsourcing it. A significant productivity loss. Isn’t it?

HR automation is expected to do wonders in terms of savings in productivity.

It has been predicted that HR automation will result in a 17% reduction in hiring costs and a 26% reduction in HR staff hours.

Businesses that still disregard the advantages of recruitment automation tools are likely to lose their candidates to tech-savvy competitors.

3. Reliance on Social Recruitment

Not many would have thought that social media could one day become a popular medium for hiring new talents.

However, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are widely being used by the recruiters in hiring top-notch talents in the industry. They offer an excellent opportunity for one on one engagement.

Data suggest that 84% of businesses have already started using social media platforms to hire competent candidates. The remaining 9% are also in the planning phase to implement the same.

It’s quite clear that if you aren’t having a strong presence on social media, you are giving an opportunity to your competitors to out recruit you.

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