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Dedicated US Recruiters is one of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services provided on an hourly or project basis, for example, consider it as “short term service”. Our team of Dedicated US Recruiters provides full cycle recruiting support. They may spend time working on-site at your business place, or they may work remotely from the service provider’s office. Whether you hire one RPO Expert or perfectly managed team including resources and researchers you will get all your needs covered. We manage our services globally and hiring a US Recruiter is considerably flexible and scalable. The competition is getting tougher as time passes, with the help of experts; it will be simpler for you to locate the best candidates around.

Dedicated US Recruiters – Features

  • Source profiles through job boards and various other internet sites
  • Use Boolean search strings
  • All profiles are manually sourced from various resources
  • Our dedicated recruiter can work on 2-3requirements per day
  • Screen the profiles by talking with candidates, making sure it’s a 100% match as to required skills
  • For suitable candidates gather all necessary information required such as ssn, work authorization, salary details, availability etc
  • Global Recruitment process is carried out as per client’s time zone
  • Dedicated recruiters working only on your account for 8hrs a day for 5days a week
  • All dedicated recruiters are provided with dedicated phone line and IM facility if required

Recruitment Process which our Recruiters Follow

1: Job Analysis

Identifies and determines the in-depth study of the particular job role and sorting out its relative importance for finding the appropriate candidate who is eligible for the position

2: Sourcing

Sourcing is the utilization of one or more strategies to draw in or recognize the candidates to fill job vacancies. It might include inner or potentially outer recruitment advertising by using appropriate media, for example, job portals, newspapers, or social media

3: Screening / Selection

Screening begins after completion of the sourcing process of the candidates. It filters the applications of the candidates for the further selection procedure. Screening is an essential piece of the recruitment process that helps in expelling unfit or irrelevant candidates, which were received through sourcing.

4: Telephonic interview

Telephonic interview is the initial round of the hiring process; it enables an employer to screen candidates on the experience, capabilities, and salary expectations relating to the position and the organization. The telephonic interview saves employers time and eliminates candidates that are unlikely to meet the organization’s expectations.

5: Authentication

This process is the way towards validating the data provided to experienced professional recruiters by a job applicant in his or her resume, application, and references. In most application processes, lying about their experience and certifications will shield the employer from enlisting the candidate.

Benefits – Dedicated Recruitment Team

  • Quick approach to as many recruiters
  • Contingency recruiters they do full-time employee searches and if they find the candidate for the company only than they are paid
  • Recruiting in a niche industry

The ultimate aim is to have a supple workforce that can solve your Gordian knot with good sagacity, sound procedure, last but not the least keeping down the costs. Hiring a Recruiters on-Demand or Dedicated Recruiters is considerably flexible and scalable.

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