2020 is here to kickstart a new decade. This new year people are gearing up for new adventures. So, why should the RPO company stay behind?

Recruitments are never going to end and an RPO Company is always finding new as well as innovative ways to recruit efficient professionals for organizations.

Last year we saw quite a few advancements in the market, 

  1. The biggest blockbuster was brought about by a beautiful amalgamation of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process. It enabled agencies to find new ways to recruit efficient professionals.
  2. Last year was all about candidates. The hiring market was on a spike. The employers were seen marketing their job profile to candidates.
  3. There was a drastic change in the recruitment strategy. With the introduction of various applications including applicant tracking system, video conferences, and recruiting texts, the process got a little easier.

So, overall 2019 was a great year for RPO company. With a fantastic end to 2019, one can definitely expect more excitement from the coming year. 

So, what does 2020 has in its store for potential recruiters?

2019 has shown us that recruitment can be easy. It can be made friendly for both employers as well as candidates. Looking at this, we can think of what recruiting trends 2020 can bring, 

1. A Bond Between Employers and Recruiting Agencies

We have already seen how critical an RPO company is to the employers. It is the mutual effort of both that brings about a change. This year, we can expect a firm partnership between both parties. The employers shall understand the need for a trusted recruitment agency and vice versa.

2. Potential Recruiters Might Step Into Recruiting Firms

Well, at one end we can see recruiters partnering with recruiting agencies. But, on the other side, we can also see potential recruiters step into the business and bring their own recruiting firm. A lot of recruiters bring their own venture into existence. However, it is not always a cakewalk because it is actually harder than it looks.

3. Applicant Tracking System is For Life!

Gone are the days of maintaining a journal to keep a track of applicants when we have applicant tracking software in today’s age. This application or software enables recruiters to keep a record of their applicants as well as check on them. For instance, you can send reminders, receive notifications, and do a lot more to make your job easy.

4. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Undoubtedly, the RPO agencies are going to expand exponentially. Employers look for ways to cut down their costs and burden. And what does an RPO company do? Take that burden on its shoulders.

Today, looking at the increasing demand for recruiters and candidates over the globe, RPO companies can be seen reaching new heights. Together with a strong team and great analytical tools, an RPO.can definitely reach the Maximus in 2020. 

5. Overall Improvement 

If there’s one thing that is happening for sure in 2020, it has to be an overall improvement. This year will bring about manifold changes in the recruiting sector but these changes are going to be for the good. 

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