Zachary Chertok reveals in his report that RPO customers are 17% likelier than non-RPO customers to end up with a top-quality workforce. 

You see, recruitment is more than just a numbers game. It is a tough task to find Best Recruitment Agencies in India. Selecting the right RPO is key to finding the right talent and lead to the path of success.

Here are some insights on how to choose the best recruitment agencies in India

  • Assess Your Business Needs

First, you need to be sure about what your business needs are, then only it can be possible for you to find the right RPO Service Provider for you.

Look for the answers to the following question:

  1. What are your expectations?
  2. Will the RPO Agency can fulfill them?
  3. Do you need any scalability in the workforce?
  4. Appointing an RPO Agency will solve your recruitment problem temporarily or permanently?

These questions will make your selection process more comfortable. 

  • Research Well Before Hiring 

Researching thoroughly is always better before entering into any agreement with any agency. It will avoid any wrong decision that you may regret later. 

There are varieties of services provided by Recruitment Agencies in India. Some agencies only offer limited services like sourcing, interviewing, screening and assessing candidates. At the same time, others offer strategic advice and even contribute to employer branding, tech consulting and recruitment based on organizational culture. 

  • Access The Firm’s Profile

After finding an agency meeting your needs, you must meticulously go through their profile.

The profile of the agency gives you the proper description of the services that it offers, its clientele, strategic business partners, and experience. Agency’s social media profiles tell a lot about its culture, ethics, activities, and reviews about its recruitment and customer service performance.

Client reviews are the most significant indicators of how the brand is identified in the market.

  • Access The Recruitment Techniques Used by The Best Recruitment Agencies in India

Check out the recruitment techniques of the selected agency which they use to attract talented candidates in the industry. It tells a lot about, will they be able to recruit candidates that fit your requirements.

Also, check what techniques in India RPO Agencies are using and working out for them, and are your selected RPO agency is also using such techniques.

  • Assess The Employee Turnover Ratio

There is no use in hiring good talent from the industry if they don’t stay for a longer time. It’s good to keep an eye on the retention period of candidates that are recruited by the RPO Agency

Discover if they keep a check on the past service record of the candidate and will be there for you in case the employee slips away.

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