Project-based hiring is the next big thing in the market as the demand for flexibility at both ends of employer and employee is high. Moreover, there is a change in the needs of the business. It leads to the expansion and contraction of the workforce in the company.

When it comes to Project-Based Hiring, you tend to recruit people on a per-project basis after analyzing their skill set and talent. However, you don’t need to worry about the entire training process. You can get your work done professionally without compromising on the expertise and deadlines.

As a large number of workforce that companies and businesses are hiring include freelancers, contractors, and consultants with specialized skill sets, the number of Recruitment Agencies in India is growing exponentially.

Why Choose Project-Based Hiring?

As per the Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) by 2025, the Flexi staffing industry is likely to account for more than 10% of India’s formal workforce. It is indicative of the fact that there would be much demand for managing the contingent talent, which is way different than the traditional full-time employee set up. Here are five ways that hiring an Indian RPO would benefit you:

Cost-Effective: When it comes to a full-time employee set up, there have to be substantial financial commitments, including the salaries and other perks for employees. On the other hand, contingency workers are quite cost-effective as they are self-employed.

Also, you don’t need to look after their salary structure like you do for your full-time employees. You are surely going to save a lot on aspects such as employee benefits, office/stationery space, and utilization, provident fund contributions.

Efficient: As you go on comparing your regular employees and contingent workers, you would notice that they are more efficient than your employees. The reason behind such a difference is that they are specialized in their respective fields. Their expertise in their field reduces the need to hire and train people to see them leaving. 

Moreover, when you tend to hire employees, the process is a little time consuming as you go on interviewing candidates and look for people who could fit in your company culture. It may take months to hire a candidate.

But, the case is different in hiring contingent workers as you tend to hire a specific talent based on the urgency of the project and the time for which you require them. Moreover, you don’t need to worry whether these contractual workers would fit in your company culture or not as they are free from any obligations.

Sapient Approach: If your business is project intensive contractual workers would fit in the best way as you don’t need to train them for the projects of their interest and domain. 

As you get acquainted with the talent and skillsets of the contractual workers, you can take up similar projects. Moreover, you can create contracts for a week, a month, or a year depending on your requirements. They can also take up the roles of your regular employees in case your employees are on leave.

Special Skill Set: If you are planning to branch out in a new direction for a short while, then hiring Recruitment Agencies in India for contractual workers would be the best solution. 

When you hire a contingent worker, he will bring a new skill set, especially in the areas you wish to venture out. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about training them in that specific field as these workers know their role very well.

Furthermore, by hiring contractual talent, it opens the door for a pool of talented individuals who could help you out for a short while without jumping into a permanent job role.

A Fresh Perspective: When you hire contractual workers, you get a fresh perspective on the projects you are working on. They come up with unique ideas that could suffice your project requirements and bring an element of creativity in their approach. These were some of the benefits of hiring contingent workers on a per-project basis. If you are looking for the Best Recruitment Agencies in India, do book a consultation with us here.